Wednesday, January 12, 2011

poop and dash

don't you just love surprises? me too! since i can't really go out and buy things to surprise people with, i have to find more creative ways to stun and amaze. sometimes i surprise mommy and daddy with my hugs and kisses and sometimes i break into song when least expected. but nothing that i have done in the past has generated the same surprised look on mommy's face as my latest trick. i call it the "poop and dash." it's a simple trick really. i sneak into the bathroom when no one is looking, pull down my pants and go poo. then i quickly get up, pull up my pants, run out of the bathroom and close the door behind me just enough not to cause any suspicion. i simply go back to my pre-poop activity and wait for mommy to discover the surprise. see, the trick is not to announce to the world that you're about to go potty. and not to say a word about it no matter how much you want to tell. any slips of the words poo or potty will surely ruin the surprise. i never say a word though. i just continue playing and patiently wait for mommy to open the bathroom door. sometimes it takes a while for the surprise to unravel, but the eventual discovery usually packs a more potent punch. there is just no words to describe the look on mommy's face when she walks past the bathroom and gets a whiff of the surprise that awaits her. the awe on her face when the door finally swings open and she discovers the potty full of poop - priceless!!

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  1. OMG! Sasha you are one funny girl...a true stinker in every since of the word!