Sunday, January 30, 2011

security measures

you know how the iphone has the little slide icon with the arrow that magically makes all the other icons appear when you slide your little finger across? the icon that any 1.5 year old can figure out how to use? yeah that one. well for the longest time that is all i had to do to get to where i really wanted to go - YOUTUBE! have you heard of this amazing app? i simply cannot live without it. every video you ever wanted to see at your finger tips. Dora, Diego, Pocoyo, Gummibear, etc. everything!

anyway, a few days ago everything changed! when i got my hands on the iphone and slid my little finger across the arrow icon, a new screen appeared. it had numbers and blank buttons on it. what? i panicked and began to press on any number in hopes of getting passed this screen. i pressed and the phone vibrated and said something in red on top. instead of letting me go on to the next screen, it kept reloading the same number button screen. "noooooooooooo! my iphone," i screamed and ran to mommy. "i wanni ABC, my iphone," i told her. she kept on saying no. telling me false stories about how it was out of battery or something. talk about telling lies. and they wonder where Nini and i get this habit from. even i know that when the iphone is dead, the screen turns black and the only way to make the pictures appear is to plug it into the wall. so i screamed some more. i cried. i pulled on mommy. i did everything i could. finally mommy gave in and took the phone into her hands. she slid her finger across the arrow and the number screen appeared once again. and then she took her index finger and pressed 2. followed by 030 and the phone unlocked. aaahhhhhhhhhh! i heard the angels singing. i swiped my iphone from her hands, said in a sweet little voice, "i wove you too mommy," and ran off as far as i possibly could. to a nice cozy corner in my room. yes! Dora, Diego and my ABC were at my finger tips yet again.

a few days passed. each time i watched mommy key in the magic numbers. with these new security measures in place, mommy didn't even hide the iphone anymore as usual. she left it out laying in plain view. i bet it was because she thought i couldn't open it. ok mommy. whatever makes you feel secure about your iphone. haha! so yesterday, i pulled a chair up to the counter, grabbed the phone in my hands and ran off to my usual corner. i closed the door behind me. i covered myself with my blanket and slid my little finger across the arrow key. the pesky number screen appeared. but i didn't panic. i simply pressed 2030 and the world was mine!!! hahaha!!!!!

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