Friday, January 21, 2011

surprise, surprise

yesterday was mommy's birthday and Nini planned a surprise party for her. he even called grandpa in the morning before school and asked him to get balloons. he got daddy to buy lots of flowers and to invite the guests. the only problem was - no one informed me!

when it was time Nini made mommy wait in her room for the surprise. i was just moping around the living room not really expecting much. then a knock on the door. the guests arrived. i was so excited to see my "aunt" Tanya. i started screaming, "Tanya, Tanya." over and over again. everyone was saying "shhhh, shhhh" but i couldn't understand why? no one was sleeping. we have guests. so i disregarded their directions and continued to scream out Tanya's name. then they all hid behind curtains and doors in an attempt to disappear, i think. i was left alone in the middle of the room all confused. then Nini went to get mommy. she walked into the living room and everyone jumped out like some kind of wild animals and screamed, "Happy Birthday!" what? i was so stunned, i didn't say much at all. Nini asked mommy if she liked her surprise and of course she said, "yes!" but for some reason he wasn't convinced by her giddy response. so he turned to me and accused me of ruining the entire thing. aparantly i spoiled the surprise by yelling out Tanya's name over and over. Nini assumed that mommy heard me. of course! as always i am to blame. mommy might not have been so surprised but i sure was when Tanya walked through the door. and maybe next time if Nini doesn't want me to ruin the surprise, he should let me in on the secret!

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  1. That is too sweet of your brother!:) I hope your mommy had a great birthday and enjoyed her party!