Tuesday, February 1, 2011

all the clever things i said...

"loose teeth"

N: mommy - how old are you?
M: I am 35.
N: how come you don't have any loose teeth?


M: i am going to bite your booty!
N: it's not my booty, it's my privacy!

"the witch"

mom comes down stairs dressed in all black.
N: mommy, you look so beautiful! just like an old black witch! i love you mommy!

P.S. - those gorgeous blues are for real!

i know that all your kids are just as clever! send in your funny tales with your child's pic to sashasmemoirs@gmail.com and share the fun with us!


  1. Hahahahahah thats hilarious!

    My daughter used to call her butt her "booty butt" One day she said it was her "ass butt"....WTH?!!?!?

    She also asked me about heaven and jesus and she said she wanted to go visit him. I said "someday many years from now jesus will come to get you when he's ready" She said "Will he come get me on a motorcycle?"

    oh yeah she also one day out of nowhere looks up at the sky and goes "Hey jesus look at me I have lip gloss on!"

  2. I love it! stop by for an adorable pinafore giveaway perfect for lil Sasha! thecoolkidsblog.com

  3. @Erica - LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! email me with more tales and I will feature her! sounds like she quite a ham!

  4. ok i will ...thx!!!!

  5. mine can't talk yet. :( can't wait!!