Wednesday, February 23, 2011

on my book shelf - the pout-pout fish

last time Nicholas brought a Scholastic order form from school, he begged for permission to order some books for Sasha. it was really a sweet gesture so we allowed him to pick three books. of course with one condition - he would have to read the books to her :). he agreed. when the books arrived, he kept up his end of the bargain and read to his little sister. Sasha enjoyed all the stories but the tale about a pouty fish by Deborah Diesen was her favorite. The Pouty-Pouty Fish tells a story of a gloomy pouty fish who learns that being glum is not his destiny after all. the book is as fun to read as it is to look at. the rhyming text makes it easy for a toddler to follow along with the story line and the colorful playful illustrations by Dan Hanna make the book a treat to flip through. your child will love the exaggerated expressions on all the characters faces. they will also love delivering the pouty fish's signature line "Blub, Bluuub, Bluuuub" over and over and over again. The Pouty-Pouty Fish will teach your child that all it takes is kind word and a gracious gesture to turn a pouty frown upside down.

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