Tuesday, February 15, 2011

on my book shelf - this is london

last time we took a little family trip to the Land of Nod, Nicky spent the entire time looking through the wonderful selection of books they offer while Sasha tried to claim a tool bench as her own. we usually spend a good hour in that store. the kids love it and once they grab on to something, it is nearly impossible to pull them away. i have to admit that i enjoy a Land of Nod trip as much as they do if not more. i get so excited picking up the dolls and looking through the puzzles and the little nicknacks. and i must confess that on a couple occasions, i bought things not because my kids wouldn't leave the store without it, but because i couldn't do so. this last time it was a mutual "i want this now" reaction to these wonderful classic books i am featuring today. i've seen them before but never took the time to actually look inside. most likely because i was probably trying to referee a "this is mine" pulling situation between Sasha and some other little kid. Nicky wanted every one of these books by Miroslav Sasek and i did as well. the wonderful illustrations take you around the world without ever getting on a plane. these books are a wonderful introduction to historic cities around the world like London, Paris, Rome, San Francisco, and New York for your little ones. a must have addition to a every child's bookshelf! i am sure many of you already know about this wonderful collection of books but i had to blog about it nonetheless in hopes of introducing it to some of you who may not.

find out more about the author and this book series here


  1. our kids love these. we recently go this is australia.

    {great blog! keep it up!}

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