Tuesday, February 15, 2011

puziki alphabet cards

i am so excited! i have been working on a few new projects lately. i love each and everyone one of my ventures but the closest to my heart is my little Puziki. if you have been following this blog, you are probably familiar with these characters inspired by my kids. i am not really sure what they are, a mix of little people and animals perhaps, would be the best way to describe them. they bear the name Puziki because that is what i call my children. they are my little "puziki." "bellies" is the literal English translation. i draw the Puziki for them and write little tales or poems to accompany the characters. the tales and poems are all inspired by their curiosities, childhood wonders and imaginations.

some of you lovely readers have been writing me and asking if there will be a book, or cards or coloring pages featuring Puziki characters. i thought about it and came to the conclusion that there will be. alas! my first Puziki project - Puziki animal alphabet cards. to be sold on Etsy in the near future. there will also be Puziki object number cards to complete the set. and here is a little preview of what they look like. they will have an illustration on one side and the name of the animal on the back with a few simple facts about it. i would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!

all puziki characters © diaperstylememoirs. all rights reserved.


  1. Wow, Inna! You are so talented. I would like to officially order these!!! Can you make a Russian alphabet, too?!! I would love that too. It is about time you made this available to all the moms who have no imagination but wish they did! (me)

  2. I second Vicky! Now you have 2 orders !!!!! I think these would even be great not just for teaching alphabet but as decorations for the room :)

  3. You are so talented! These are fabulous!!! SO adorable and original!! Amazing work!

  4. awwwwwwwwwwww I love these. Can you PLEASE make me into one? I wanna be a puziki!!!!!
    PLEASE? haha you are alway inspiring and very very original. I see big things for you!!! Your talent never stops to amaze me!!! keep it up! love these.

  5. These are fantastic! You should make them into fabric form for quilting. :-)