Wednesday, February 23, 2011

sasha's diary - damsel in distress

well if you ever wondered about the effects of fairy tales on little girls - this diary entry is written just for you. a couple of days ago i watched my first Disney fairy tale - Little Mermaid. i only watched a little bit, but that Ariel really did a number on my psyche. she was so cute and helpless waiting for that Eric to come and rescue her. after i watched, i came to the conclusion that i too, need to be rescued and whisked away to a far away land. the only problem - i don't have a prince in mind just yet. so i decided to spend my days practicing my damsel in distress act so i can execute it perfectly when my prince finally does come to my rescue.

this is my DiD routine. i fall to the ground when least expected. i yell ,"ouch, ouch! i'm ok." then i stretch out my hand, shake my head from side to side and say in a very, very distressed tone, "no, not ok. help, help." i repeat until someone grabs my hand and helps me back up. i do this at least 15 times a day. i may need to add a couple more elements to my performance to really get the DiD thing down. fortunately, i have some time before the prince arrives to perfect the act and watch a few more Disney tales :).