Wednesday, February 9, 2011

in the pantry

shhhhhhh! i have a little secret. promise you wont tell? ok! i've been hiding in the pantry lately. and mommy thinks i am playing hide-n-seek. but i am not! don't you tell her!

so a couple days back Nini was craving chocolate really bad and so was i. actually i am always craving chocolate. the problem is that mommy wont let us eat it. a little here and there that's it. since Nini and i are usually on the same page when it comes to sneaking things we are prohibited from eating, we waited until mommy went to the bathroom to carry out our grand "snatch the chocolate" plan. Nini is a great partner to have in these types of situations. he is much faster, much taller and much more discreet. so after mommy went to the bathroom, Nini opened the pantry door, pulled a chair up, climbed on top and reached his hand deep inside the top shelf. tata! when he pulled his hand back out, there was a whole bag of chocolate chips gripped in his fingers. we heard the bathroom door open. "hurry hurry Nini," i exclaimed. Nini started to climb down. but as his right foot touched the ground, an unexpected blunder. chocolate chips dropped all over the floor. i guess the bag wasn't closed all the way. Nini quickly swooshed the fallen chocolate chips deep into the pantry with his foot, tossed the bag of chocolate back inside, pulled the chair back to the table and closed the pantry door. we made it to the couch right when mommy appeared. we didn't get caught but we were empty handed!

i went down for my nap disappointed. but when i woke up i had this great idea. i was going to get me some chocolate after all. and i wasn't about to share my plan with Nini. his clumsy self would have ruined the entire operation. again! so when no one was looking, i sneaked into the pantry and closed the door behind me. it was pitch black inside, but i wasn't scared. my fingers blindly walked the floor until they stumbled on a chocolate morsel. and then another. and yet one more. yes! another goldmine! i heard some voices closing near. i got up, still chewing a yummy chocolate bite, opened the door, and bolted out. man am i slick! and more successful without Nini that's for sure! then when the coast was clear, i went back for more. and more. and more. the best part, mommy thinks i am being playful.

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