Tuesday, February 1, 2011

a sign of things to come

something is definitely up with me today. maybe it's the remnants of coffee i have been sniffing from the bottom of mommy's breakfast cup that's affecting my mood and behavior? maybe it's the tiny bit of chocolate i found on the floor and devoured? maybe it's a combination of both? i am not sure what it is really but i have been acting very strange all day long. first i wanted to wear my monkey as a hat. i ran around holding him on top of my head screaming, "my monkey hat, oooohhhh pretty monkey hat." then i decided to stick bread up my nose, close my eyes, shake my head side to side and sing, "bread nose, oh bread nose." shortly thereafter, i was seen cuddling my sippy cup full of apple juice and mumbling, "ahh appple juice, soooo cute my apple juice. sooo cute." and now i am running around the house demanding, "i wanni rainbow in the sky! rainbow in the sky! i wanni rainbow in the sky!" can coffee fumes be responsible for my actions? or, do you think some greater cosmic force is to blame? can these wacky acts be signs of the impending snopocalypse they are predicting? i mean, if a silly full moon can affect your psyche, just imagine what a snowpocalypse can do!!!

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