Thursday, February 3, 2011

the snowpocalypse

if you live anywhere in the midwest and you are reading this - you probably survived the great snowpocalypse of 2011. we did! although at night i have to say it was a little scary. the power went out, the wind was so strong you couldn't see a thing and lightning struck in the middle of the storm. lightning you ask? yes, lightning! the next morning - 18 inches of snow covered the ground.

anyway, all this snow means no school for Nini. i was excited at first to spend some extra quality time with my big brother but now i want to grab a shovel and clear a path to school for him all by myself. he has been so annoying! he wont let me watch any of my shows, he wont let me play, and his favorite snowpocalypse activity has been finding new ways to irritate and torture me. i play with a ball, he rushes by and grabs it from me. i build my blocks, he sneaks up by and takes down my entire structure. mommy and daddy even made him go to grandma's for a while just so i can have a break. can't he go play in the snow or something? the only benefit from Nini's hiatus - he gives me chocolate and ice cream! well he doesn't really give it to me, he grabs it for himself and i happen to see it. and then it's just too late to hide the creamy ice cream and the yummy chocolaty chips. i always end up getting a little scoop or a couple of morsels and Nini gets in trouble for showing me the goods.

man sometimes i wonder - do all big brothers torture their little sisters like this? i don't know. i am just thankful that school is scheduled to resume tomorrow. i only hope that i can survive till then.

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