Wednesday, March 9, 2011

all the clever things i said...

a story came to mind today. it made me laugh out loud. so i decided to come home and share it with you. this incident occurred when Nicky was around three and a half years old. my husband took him to the local gym for a swim. this was their exchange in the men's locker room while changing. my husband is still scarred!

"men changing"

a puzzled Nick looked at his dad and inquired, "Dad, why is your peepee so much bigger than mine?" a little stunned, Dad briefly explained, "because i am a grownup and you're a little boy. when you grow up, all your body parts will also grow and you will be big just like me." Nick didn't say much in response and continued changing. he looked around the room. he spotted another man changing. he stared a little, then turned to Dad and asked, "dad, why is that man's peepee so much bigger than yours?" Dad didn't say much in response. instead, he took Nicky by his hand, gathered up all their belongings and proceeded straight to the family changing room. the private family changing room!


Nick at three and a half

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