Tuesday, March 1, 2011

sasha's diary - cursing 101

a few days ago i heard a couple of fun sounding words on the tv. i didn't repeat them right away. instead, i decided to store the words in my word bank and wait for that perfect moment to show off the new additions to my lexicon. today was the day! i really wanted my nuki. like a lot. the problem is - apparently i am being weaned off of it right now. i am only allowed to savor it at night before i fall asleep. mommy is very cruel!

anyway, i was in a foul mood earlier today. i was grumpy and irritable. i wanted to watch Mickey. mommy wouldn't let me. i wanted to play with the iphone. i was turned down as well. if that wasn't tragic enough, i was running around the living room and stepped on one of Nicky's wrestlers laying on the floor. it hurt. i cried. i really needed my nuki. i asked for it but mommy said she didn't know where it was. lie! i knew she knew where it was. she was the last one to hold it. so i looked at her and screamed at the top of my lungs, "give me my stupid nuki suuuuukaaaaah." i didn't get the nuki but her mouth hit the floor.


  1. books - good; tv - bad; russian tv - really bad.

  2. Love it! Nothing like using a word in context!

    Kellie @ Mini Must Have

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