Friday, March 11, 2011

sasha's diary - "i say NO"

the last couple of days have been dreadful. i have been sick. my first real illness. i have had colds in the past and runny noses but i have never had the flu. never in my two and a half years. "shoo, shoo, you yucky flu," is the only thing i can say about the flu. i am so weak and cranky. all kinds of crazy things have been happening to my little body. i don't want to gross you out but i thought food was supposed to go in and stay in your tummy. i guess i was wrong. and, i have never spent so much time on the potty. thankfully my potty is quite comfy otherwise i would have to resort to wearing diaper pants again. no one wants that to happen i am sure!

i thought at least this flu thing would get me some sympathy. not from Nini. he has been as nasty as ever. switching the channel and not sharing his toys. he even hit me with a ball. he threw it right at my head. mean Nini. even if he didn't do it on purpose. that's ok though, i am no push over. even when sick. every time he wants something or tries to pry the remote from my hands, i scream, "i say NO! i say NO" and that usually puts him in his place. urgh! big brothers!

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