Tuesday, March 22, 2011

sasha's diary - red phone

today i was really excited to get back to one of my favorite pastimes - painting. mommy bought me some new paint and let me go to town. i painted yet another masterpiece. this one was as exceptional as ever. it made me really proud. the composition was stunning and the color combination was divine. overall a great piece. i lifted it up above my head at least 20 times, making sure everyone saw my artistic achievement. "look, look at this. wow. butiful!" i repeated over and over. here it is. my newest creation. i call it "spring"


anyway, on with my tale. so after i was done painting, i helped mommy clean up and afterwards we sat down to play a matching card game. then the phone rang. mommy picked it up and put it next to her ear to answer. she said, "hello" and made a curious face. as if i made a "pook" or something. i sniffed around but didn't smell a thing. she said a couple of words, said bye, pulled the phone back and examined it. i looked at mommy, pointed to her ear and began to cry, "mommy hurt! hurt mommy." there was blood all over her ear. all over the phone too. but then i quickly realized that it wasn't blood after all. during all that artistic expression, i must have painted the phone. oops!

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