Tuesday, March 15, 2011

sasha's diary - what its doing here?

my mommy thinks there is a ghost in the house. some strange things have been happening around here lately but no one knows who's to blame. like a few days ago, daddy brought home some yummy ice cream from the store. we all had a scoop after dinner. Nini had two. he even ate all of his asparagus during dinner in exchange for that second scoop. that's the only way he will eat his veggies. if there is dessert to be had.

anyway, after we were done with the ice cream, daddy put the carton back in the freezer. the next day, mommy looked for it. the ice scream wasn't inside. it just disappeared. Nini said he didn't take it. daddy said he didn't eat it. mommy even turned to me and asked if i had seen it. of course i said, "no" and shook my head from side ;). it was a mystery. a couple of days passed. daddy was getting ready for work. he was looking for something in his closet. a pair of shoes, i think. mommy and i were playing in the living room. all of a sudden we heard daddy, "did Sasha pee in the closet?" "what? come on daddy," i thought, "i've been potty trained for months now!" confused, mommy sprung up from the floor and ran to the bedroom. i decided to stay behind. but then curiosity overwhelmed me. i had to know what was happening. i ran into the bedroom right as mommy reached her hand far into one of daddy's shoe cubbies and pulled out a dried up, sticky ice cream carton. they both turned and looked at me. "wow! yummy ice sceam!" i screamed and raised my hands up in amazement, "yummy ice sceam! "what its doing here?" i curiously asked. then quickly turned around and ran out of the room.

it's a mystery. the ghost must like ice scream. grapes too, i think. in his apple juice. because today, when mommy went to pour me some apple juice she discovered grapes floating in the jug. now how did those get there? yet another ghostly conundrum.

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