Thursday, April 14, 2011

from mom's kitchen - breakfast tortilla

Breakfast Tortilla

yesterday i was too tired to go to the store. i opened the fridge on several occasions just to reassure myself that i need to go but opted to stay home nonetheless. i was hoping that everyone would settle for eating good old oatmeal for dinner :) we ended up ordering out but today in the morning i was faced with the same empty fridge and hungry family. so i had to come up with something. i opened the fridge once again and reassessed the situation inside. i had 4 eggs and 2 potatoes. some milk at the very bottom of the carton. a clove of garlic and some smoked salmon remnants. oh, and i managed to find a couple of good basil leaves among the rotting bunch. a lightbulb went off. spanish tortilla! voila! a delicious breakfast! or lunch. or tapa for your dinner party. i didn't have time to write down the recipe so i found a good one you can try here. now it's time to hit the store. not an egg left ;)

image © diaper style memoirs


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