Thursday, April 28, 2011

i am shopping here - matilde beldroega

i am sure if you are a regular reader of Diaper Style Memoirs, you are already familiar with my obsession with dolls. specially hand made, one of a kind creations like the ones i am featuring today. i am sure this obsession comes from the fact that i only had a handful of dolls to play with when i was a little girl in Ukraine. i remember my favorite one was a tiny little rubber baby doll. i carried her everywhere with me, i crocheted clothes for her and made a dollhouse from an old shoe box for her to live in. she even had a table in her kitchen i made from a match box and little plates to eat from i cut out from old plastic pill containers. i also remember making dolls from corn husks when my grandma's corn fields were in bloom. i never dreamed of ever having dolls like the ones i am featuring today by a Portuguese artist named Rita Pinheiro. maybe that's why i am on a mission to create this one of a kind collection for Sasha. or maybe it's really for me since i don't really let her play with all my favorites? not yet ;)

i just adore Rita's Etsy shop Matilde Beldroega. i love all her dolls. their unique eyes and the facial expressions. i am smitten with the colors and the fabrics that she uses. i also adore the fact that she makes some boy dolls as well. how charming is the bearded man? here are just some of my favorites.

images © matilde beldroega

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