Monday, April 11, 2011

sasha's diary - first day of summer

yesterday was the first day of summer. well i think it was. it was soooo hot outside and Nini was running around all excited screaming, "yeah, it's finally summer!" anyway, to celebrate, we had a full day of family fun scheduled. unfortunately nothing turned out as planned. and instead of a celebration, i had a first day of summer cryfest. phew! i am so glad the nightmare is over and we are back to spring.

first, you won't believe what daddy tried to do to me. he tried to put me in this seat thing on the back of his bike. he straddled me in there, locked my feet into place and then to top it off, he put some pink hard hat on my head and closed it tight right under my chin. "NOOOOOOOO!" i screamed, "NEVER! NEVER! NEVER!" but he seemed to not hear me at all. "no hat, no hat! i wanna get up!" i continued to scream as daddy and mommy tried to convince me that IT would be fun. what IT was i didn't know. but whatever IT was, IT wasn't going to be fun if IT required me to sit in this seat and wear this ridiculously uncomfortable and unfashionable hat. i screamed and screamed and cried until finally they let me down. Nini was mad at me. he sat on the ground pouting and blaming me for ruining family fun day. whatever Nini. i shook my little finger at him and said, "NO! NEVER ride bikes!"

well that was over and soon we were back in the car going somewhere. at this point i didn't care where we were going as long as i was off that bike and back in my comfy car seat. and then a welcome surprise. the BEACH! i was so excited. last year i was too scared. the sand felt funny on my feet. this time it was glorious. i ran all the way toward the water. i wanted to jump right in. so i began to undress. mommy helped me with my dress. ahh the sun felt so good on my body. but i couldn't go in the water with my tights on. so i began to pull them down. i was rudely interrupted by mommy saying, "no Sasha! you have to undies on! you can't be naked!" and why not???? i can't go swim swim with my tights. who does that? so i continued to pull them down and she continued to pull them back up again. a pulling war ensued and i was forced to throw another tantrum. "NO, no pants! NO pants! i wannna swim swim!" i tried to explain. but once again no one would listen. and soon i was back in mommy's arms walking towards the car screaming and crying. Nini was once again pouting. blaming me for ruining family fun day yet again!


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