Monday, April 25, 2011

sasha's diary - i say tomato you say ....

i am not sure if i told you about Eve yet, but she is my bff. my bestest friend. we are almost the same age. i am two months older though and thus more mature. anyway, we have had wonderful times together - playing at Gymboree, building Legos and holding hands. our relationship however, is not always a bed of roses. we have ups and we have downs. probably more downs that ups really. most of the time when we get together, a war ensues. it's always over the silliest of things but we both cannot help it. we are just two fiery little girls. i say, "it's my scooter." she doesn't listen and screams back, "no it's Evies." i mean there is no reasoning with her sometimes. and last time we got together for a play date, our relationship hit a new low - it turned to violence. Eve swung at me and i swung back. i screamed. she screamed. we both started crying uncontrollably. we were pulled apart and put in separate corners to cool off. even from far away, she kept on swinging. but after all the abuse, after all the drama, when we were leaving to go home, i didn't want to go. "i wanni play with baby Eve," i said still whimpering. "no wanni go home!" but we went home anyway.

yesterday a huge surprise. baby Eve came over for dinner. i was so excited to see her. we actually were fine for a couple of minutes and then another war. this one was the worst one yet. over another silly thing. she was coloring and said something about a ball, "it's my papa!" i looked at her and said, "it's my pall!" the screamed back, "it's my papa!" and i, "it's my pall!" the screaming escalated, her daddy even tried to hold her back. she started swinging. you should have seen the rage, "its my papa" she kept on yelling. i answered every time, "it's my pall!" it was terrible i tell you. Nini started running around suggesting everyone go home. why go home, i didn't understand. all Eve had to do is admit the ball is Sasha's! that's all! instead she kept on screaming, "it's my papa!" but you know what? even after yesterday's fiasco, i cannot wait to see baby Eve again! i think i love her!


  1. What a cute post!! That's exactly how besties are supposed to be : ) Thank you for stopping by my blog, I'm following you back now.

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