Friday, April 8, 2011

sasha's diary - out of tune

oh man, mommy is so annoying. every time my favorite song comes on the radio or on the TV she bursts into song and ruins the entire listening experience for me. so now i watch her mouth closely, and if it opens wide and gets ready to belt out a tune, i preemptively scream, "mommy, NO! NO mommy! stop that! stop that now. no singing mommy! NO! shhhhhhhhh!" i make a very serious face as well just to make sure she gets it. oy! seriously! i cannot listen to another botched tune. mommy gets all sad and tells me that she wants to sing together. no thank you mommy! have you heard yourself? lets try to build something with Legos instead.


  1. Hahha that is so cute! I'm sure she'll enjoy singing with you if you get her to ;)

    Belly B

  2. Very Cute!
    Thanks for following me on Everything Mom and Baby :) Love your blog!!

  3. haha, so cute! Following you back.