Friday, April 8, 2011

top 5 by 5 - a suit for summer

i am so excited to tell you about the the newest feature on DSM - Top 5 by 5. i think this will be a fun way to incorporate other bloggers and readers and feature picks from several points of view at once. so here we go the first Top 5 by 5. i am calling it - A Suit for Summer. i hope you enjoy the picks below and meet a few amazing women along the way. thank you to all the girls for contributing your time and style to Diaper Style Memoirs!

picks by the lovely Monica - co-author of Hoolaboola, the author of The Amateur Suburbanite

picks by the wonderful Peggy - author of Paul & Paula

picks by the talented photographer Anna - author of the Candy Kid Photo Blog and the woman behind Candy Kid Photography

picks by the awesome Priscila - author of Little Miss Heirlooms and Editor-in-Chief of Babiekins Magazine

picks by the lovely Julia - interior decorator and author of the Baker Hill Homes Blog

if you would like to do the picking for next week's installment of Top 5 by 5 - please contact me at!


  1. Awarding you with the Versatile Award. Go to to claim it.

  2. Missy i love this. Going to be a really cute feature. All these girls picked a couple super cute suits!!! Cant wait to see what your next one will be!!!

  3. cool! love how you put this together!
    happy to be part of this column, good luck and looking forward to see the next part...

  4. Such fun! Loving the Etnies boardshorts & the Petit Bateau striped maillot... but it's really hard to pick because they are all cutie pie.
    Julia (

  5. This is a super cute idea and I loved alot of the swim suits. Very clever.

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  7. There certainly are a lot to choose from!

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    The Sleppery Mind

  9. What a cool feature idea!! Thank you for stopping by my blog, I'm following you now!

  10. cute series and all great picks! thanks for visiting my blog! love yours and am now following..