Welcome Everyone!

My name is Inessa.  I started Diaper Style Memoirs in March 2010 after a friend of mine, Dawn, told me about a blog she started to document her studies in pastry school.  She suggested that I start my own blog as well. The idea was interesting but what would I write about? Food?  No.  So many food sites and culinary blogs out there.

As days went by, I found myself pondering what I could write about.  I had several ideas but my mind always drifted back to my children.  Specially my baby girl Sasha.  I just remembered how when my son Nicholas was growing up, I seldom put things down on paper to memorialize his life and development.  Of course my husband and I took a million pictures and videos but all the great little sayings and charming everyday adventures were lost forever simply because we relied on our memories to capture them.  And as the years went by, we realized that memories fade and at times even trick us.  After much thought, I came to the conclusion that I would write about those magical little moments.  From Sasha's point of view.  Of course with a fashionable twist highlighting and featuring my favorite children's fashions, books, toys and decor.  

Diaper Style Memoirs is a blog about all things beautiful for your little ones!  I hope you get inspired by the things you see on DSM and enjoy the read.  Thanks for stopping by!

This is Diaper Style Memoirs


This is me.  I am obsessed with lots of things.  Art, fashion, decor, food. Basically, all things beautiful.  I loves to create.  Painting, drawing, writing, cooking, taking photos, crafting and blogging are just a few of my favorite activities. I am pretty good with Sasha and Nicholas but I am a little afraid to handle other people's children. Specially babies.  I think my brother Yev and his sidekick Bos are among the funniest people in the world.   

Nicholas (aka Nini) is a very active 8 year old.  He requires a lot of attention from everyone around.  He wanted a sibling but now is not so sure there are any benefits to having one, specially a sister.  He loves sports and games only when he wins.  He is not above cheating or making his own rules up if it results in winning.  He aspires to be a rapper, dancer, actor and anything else that will make him famous.  

Sasha is a fashionable 2 and a half year old ;).  She likes wearing pearls and oversized glasses. She has a love hate relationship with hair bows and hats. Se smiles a lot but can throw a mean tantrum. She prefers daddy over mommy any day and loves the iphone more than life itself.  Sasha does not understand the benefit of naps and doesn't care for baby music.  Instead, she enjoys listening to  songs with a funky beat she can bounce to - i.e. Lady Gaga and Beyonce.  Basically everything on the local pop station.   

Our daddy likes to remain anonymous as he is a very serious business man :)!  But if you browse through the blog you might just spot his one and only pictorial appearance!