Friday, April 2, 2010

meeska mooska mickey mouse

i am not sure if it is because he was the first thing i saw on tv or because he is so darn cute that i love Mickey Mouse. i wake up really early in the morning just to catch Mickey's Clubhouse on tv. yes, i know what your thinking, i can always get it on demand but that ondemand menu is like rocket science for me at this point of my development. but, i can surely turn on the tv and cable box all by myself! i usually cross my fingers that the disney channel magically appears. unfortunately sometimes it doesn't, but i have developed a strategy to deal with such occasions. i scream and i scream and i scream until someone gets up an switches the channel for me!!! works every time! one day i may expand my cartoon repertoire but for now i am obsessed with Mickey and Minnie! this first set of fashion pics are my ode to my two favorite characters! So long for now.

room seven sammy skirt, gap tank, mom's scarf,
children's place tights, little celebrity minnie mouse clip

COOL STUFF i would give up my nuki for!

gold sequined minnie ear headband, minnie tank by disney, mickey loves minnie t by disney, swarovski crystal mickey mouse pez dispenser by baumann, minnie cupcakes, minnie signature perfume, minnie luggage by disney, minnie custom dunks by nike, minnie sunglasses by linda farrow, mickey and minnie wallet by disney couture, crayon wheel by disney, mouse phone

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