Tuesday, May 11, 2010

rained out

i guess it is true - when it rains, it pours! i had so many plans today to go outside and play but when i woke up in the morning and looked outside all i saw was rain! its kind of puzzling to me how it can rain even after the ipod weatherman reported sunny and 79 degrees?

so i moped around the house a bit. played dress up. watched an episode of mickey's clubhouse. and then i realized that i can still go outside and play! because even though its raining - i have the perfect gear to keep me warm and dry. oh i can't wait to puddle stomp in style. thanks jules!

red ladybug umbrella, wellies and raincoat by kidorable

weatherproof raincoat, western chief hello kitty umbrella and wellies
MoMa color spectrum umbrella, elle kids raincoat, western chief chooka tokidoki wellies
trumpette mary jane raincoat, western chief cherry umbrella and wellies
absorba pink polka dot raincoat, western chief butterfly umbrella, kamik kids stomp wellies

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  1. OMG! So cute!!! She's totally the Morton Salt girl. I can't believe she has her own blog=) I need to get with the times.