Wednesday, June 16, 2010

see me run

i was so excited yesterday to go to the store and buy some new sandals for summer. i've seen so many cute pairs online and even went to the store with my mind made up about which ones were going to be added to my summer wardrobe. but something sad and unexpected happened! all the pairs i have been dreaming about were actually there and they even had my size. but when i tried to maneuver my chubby baby foot into the sandals - it just would not fit. sandal after sandal went back into its box and on to the rejection pile. there was a pair there that i liked so much that i even tried to curl by toes under before putting the sandal on. but even that didn't work. all i thought about are those poor step sisters my mom told me about. this must be how they felt trying to squeeze that much foot into a dainty shoe!

so just as i was beginning to think that the trip was a big waste of time - the nice lady suggested that i try on some sandals from the See Kai Run summer collection. surprisingly i had never heard of this brand or seen any of their shoes. she said that they are made specially wider for baby feet like mine. and by the way - my feet are within normal range of baby chubby. and that's why it was kind of odd that all the sandals i tried on were just too narrow! so i put on a pair and it was love at first sight. not only are they super cute but they have room for my toes to spread out and breathe. and they have a flexible rubber sole which makes them the most comfortable shoes to run and play in. now only if there was a way to get these shoes to those poor step sisters!

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