Tuesday, June 8, 2010

sleepovers, boys and birthday cake

first i would like to begin this post by saying i had a lot on my mind yesterday and i was ready to memorialize it here but this blogger thing wasn't working. all day long. so i am sure whatever i end up actually writing will be less than half of my original thoughts. i mean, my ability to retain information for extended periods of time is remedial at best. i can hardly recall what i had for breakfast this morning? arghhh - i guess its not that important. on with my post.

lucky for me I got to sleep over my grandma's house on friday. i don't think this was the original plan since my mom dropped me off with 2 pull-ups, one outfit change and no apple juice refills. but since my grandma had to work - i really lucked out!!! can anyone say - Mickey's Clubhouse ALL DAY LONG! i mean this never happens. i was beginning to think that it was my birthday or something. maybe a reward of sorts - but for what??? i didn't go potty or anything. oh well - i'll take Mickey as much as i can get him!

anyway, as i was watching tv, i heard my big brother outside with his friends. as fast as i could, i rolled on my tummy, stretched my feed toward the edge of the bed and slid down to the floor. i ran to grandma and pulled on her while pointing to the door. "ninni! ninni!" i told her. she must of been tired of the computer because she picked me up and took me outside per my grand plan. and yep - there they were - playing by the garage. i couldn't control myself when i saw Luky and Joey, my big brother's best friends. i love them! they are sooo cute! i was so excited!!! i ran to them, and stood by them and jumped for them and did my ballerina stretches all for them. and even told them all about how much i love them. but i don't think they understood this baby's loving feelings. i was so excited that i overlooked the fact that i ran outside in my pajamas. oh no! how are these boys going to love me if i look like i just rolled out of bed? i kind of wish i was wearing this dress instead.

a dress to impress
(and send a subliminal message perhaps)

paper wings red sateen heart dress

a lesson learned i guess. next time i won't be so foolish. i will make sure to stuff a pretty dress in my diaper bag before i leave for grandma's so in any emergency i will have a dress to impress!

after the sleepover - it was time to go home and get all dolled up for my uncle's birthday party in the big city. unfortunately another wardrobe snafu occurred. i had to take my nap so i didn't get all grumpy later. my mom had to go and help my uncle so the task of dressing me for the party was left to my daddy. he did ok i guess - but my outfit definitely was not party worthy. it was more like playground chic. some jeans and a pink top - blah blah blah. i guess he was not aware of the fact that there would be other fashionistas in attendance. i was worried i would have to rely solely on the cute baby factor in order to impress. couldn't he have put me into this dress instead!

a dress fit for a fiesta!
(the party was mexican themed)

pebbles signorita dress

but he didn't. but by the end of the night i was kind of glad my daddy dressed me in a plain top and jeans. by the time i was done scooping the guacamole with my tortilla chip and transferring the loaded chip into my mouth - my jeans were all covered with food. i even tried to eat some guacamole off my shirt. oh well i guess another lesson learned. eat before you dress for a party!

the party was a blast regardless. someone even brought a doll that moved and crawled like a real baby. or maybe it was a real baby? well it doesn't really matter - i had fun poking at her and stroking her head. there was a lot of yummy food. but i did leave a little puzzled. was there a birthday cake????

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