Tuesday, July 6, 2010

birthday fireworks

oh what a weekend!!! i am still a little tired from all the festivities. first, on saturday i got all dolled up for my big brother's 8th birthday party. and although i couldn't play laser tag with all the big kids (the vests are sooooo heavy and unfashionable!), i got to partake in all the other birthday fun. i wore the birthday hat for a second until i realized the rubber string was digging at my neck. i just don't understand why these hats can't have pretty ribbon ties instead? anyway, i also got to blow the blowouts over and over and over again. i ate pizza for the first time. well, actually i just picked off the cheese from the top. sooooo yummy! i never had bubbly melty cheese before. and i even had a cupcake. oh and did i mention there were lots of kids for me to play with and even Joey (ahhhh) was in attendance.

then it was 4th of July. i knew it was special because so many people were out, the music was playing and Nini's baseball field was transformed into a magical city of moving structures and lights. a carnival! i couldn't wait to go. and when it finally cooled off a bit, i packed up my cookies and my juice and strolled over across the street. i walked around in awe of all the flashing lights and all the cute stuffed animals hanging everywhere. Nini even played some game and won a little bear for me. soon it was time for me to go back home, it was way past my bedtime. i wanted to stay with Nini and daddy anyway. they kept on talking about some exciting light show that was going to take place. i couldn't stay. but i got to see what they were all excited about anyway! as i was strolling home i heard some booms. i looked up and saw pretty lights up in the sky. they were pink and blue and white. i wonder if i can get some of those for my birthday? i mean daddy has been making the sky light up with lights for my brother's birthday for eight years now. he can surely make the sky light up one time for me!

cakewalk stripped bow tee and folklore skirt

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