Tuesday, July 13, 2010

potty time: an update

but as days went by, potty training became less and less exciting and more and more like a chore. it seemed like my entire days were wasted in the bathroom pulling my diaper down and back up and sitting on the potty. i barely had a moment in the day for Mickey! the only excitement that remained from the entire potty training routine was pulling the toilet paper off of the roll and washing my hands afterwards (this was the only time i could spray everything with water without consequence).

in order to expedite the potty training process my mommy decided to turn to my big brother for help. she thought that if i see him go, i will surely go as well. makes perfect sense! i ape everything he does! if he eats a string cheese, i eat one too. if he plays his DS, i sit right there next to him madly pressing the buttons on my DS (well it not really mine but i like to think it is). mommy's grand plan seemed foolproof!

Nini did show me how to go. but for some odd reason he didn't sit down on the big potty. he just stood along side the big bowl and went. at first i was a little confused but after thinking about it for a while - it made perfect sense. so much easier! you don't even have to pull down your diaper. i mean why should i pull down my pull-ups all the way around my ankles? when i try to get up and walk away from the potty i almost always end up falling down. and what's the point of sitting down anyway? if you go potty standing up, you don't even have to wait to see if the entire process was fruitful. so after watching Nini go, i decided to abandon my potty and do it just like him! i guess mommy's plan worked like a charm. right? so why is she still trying to put me on the potty?

doing it like Nini!

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