Friday, July 23, 2010

wonderfully handmade

yesterday i went to the mall in search of a few new hair accessories to spruce up my summer wardrobe. unfortunately the trip turned out to be an extremely hot and fruitless venture. too much of the same thing over and over again - bows, bows and more boring bows in different colors. some curly ribbon ponytail holders and brightly colored clips. so when we got home mommy decided to take matters into her own hands and make something. voila! my new vintage inspired flower clip made from one of my old favorite skirts.

here is how she made it if you want to make one too! the flower can also be made into a ponytail holder.

1. cut out the flower parts using the patterns above. i doubled the the fabric layers so each layer is the same color from the top and the bottom of the finished flower and used a heavier fabric (here an old canvas bag) between the layers so the petals and flower hold their shape.

2. take the layers of each pattern piece and stitch all around the edge. i used a blanket stitch to give the flower a vintage look and prevent the edges from fraying.

3. fold each finished petal in half and cut out a small half moon out of the inner center of each one trying to keep the size as uniform as possible. stack the layers.

4. holding the layers together stitch around the perimeter of the inner circle using basic line stitch. pull at both ends of the thread to close the hole as much as possible and tie the thread ends together.

5. sew on the button and the leaf.

6. to make a ponytail holder - sew on a ponytail band to the back of the flower. to make a clip - i hot glued a plain metal clip to the back and sewed around it for extra reinforcement.

7. trim any frayed edges and wear! try it with your favorite Misha Lulu outfit for a complete vintage inspired look.

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