Thursday, August 26, 2010

back in class

today was a very exciting day. Nini and i woke up extra early so he can get ready for his first day of third grade. we brushed our teeth together and i even picked out his clothes. then i helped him stuff his backpack with new school supplies and comb his hair straight. soon it was time for him to catch the bus, so i hugged him, kissed him goodbye, muah muah, and waived him off as he made his way down the stairs. i was kind of sad to see him go. the last few days at home together were so much fun! pillow fights and jumping on the bed together. running around the house and throwing balls. having lunch al fresco on the balcony and catapulting blueberries on unsuspecting people strolling outside. ah - having a big brother is so cool! mommy and daddy didn't seem so sad at all. they were all smiles pushing Nini toward the front door. i am sure they were all thrilled to see him start a new year of learning!

so Nini left. i had my breakfast. watched some tv. i was planning on mopping around a bit right after, but then mommy reminded me that i had to get ready for class as well. art class that is. i had forgotten all about it. today was a gymboree day. yay! i haven't been there in so long since i've been sick.

when i got there, something was different. my teacher Gina was not there. in her place stood another lady with a huge smile on her face. she told us that her name was Erin and Gina was not going to be our teacher anymore. she said she does things differently than Gina. a little disappointing but what can a baby do? Erin's plan for us - to make a baby lamb. i got my messy tray in front of me, my paper plate, the cotton balls and googly eyes. i stood there waiting for my glue so i can start putting my lamb together. "oh here it comes!" i got excited when Erin finally walked towards my table. "a big round bowl of it! oh boy!" but as i stretched out my hand to grab my plate of glue, she brushed my hand aside and placed the bowl between my tray and Tommy's. she uttered in a foul tone, "this bowl's for two of you to share!"

"to share? what? who is she kidding?" Tommy stretched out his little grubby fingers towards my bowl and said "my glue." "no, no, it's my," i answered back and swiped the bowl off of the table. i held it so tight against my chest. he screamed and cried. and so did other babies all around the room who were not quick enough to claim a bowl. mommy was mumbling to share trying to convince me to let him dip his cotton balls inside. no way! no how! if this is what Erin meant by different - i am not coming anymore!

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