Wednesday, August 25, 2010

fall doll

i love paper dolls! i have a couple already but i find i get really bored of putting them in the same limited outfit choices over and over again. so my mommy decided to make a new doll just for me. and just in time for the new fashion season. inspired by the fall collections of my favorite designers, Clara, the fall 2010 paper doll, has so many clothing choices, she will surely have me occupied for hours to come. or at least until mommy makes me another doll. for winter maybe? anyway, you are all welcome to share the doll with me. print her out, cut her out, and have fun dressing her up with me!

© Diaper Style Memoirs 2010


  1. These are beautiful. They'd go perfectly with a book called Imogene's Antlers. Can't wait to show my daughter. :)

  2. You are so right about imogene's antlers!

  3. thanks for this seasonal set, I figured out how to save the files without having to log in to google....right click, LOL Aloha!!