Wednesday, August 4, 2010

simple pleasures

the other day as i was walking out of my gymboree class i saw a little girl running around the mall in the cutest green mary-janes. i had to find out where she got them from! she ran into a store with her mommy and i immediately followed. when i got to the store, i snuck up to her to get a better look, and the shoes were even cuter up close. now i like to think of myself as a shoe connoisseur who is pretty knowledgeable about the kiddy shoe brands out there, but i had never seen these shoes before. so i made my mommy go over and ask where these beauties were from. the girl's mommy explained that they were green and simple shoes. "simple?" i thought to myself. in no way were these shoes simple. she was right about them being green but they were also pink with colorful flowers all over and had a strap across. these shoes were far from simple! in my opinion anyway! something obviously got lost in translation.

they might not look so simple, but these shoes are definitely one of life's simple pleasures! they are not only cute, but they are also super soft, roomy and washable. yes, washable! muddy playground here i come!

doogie mary-janes and poodle t-straps

SIMPLE shoes are made from organic cottons, washable suede from eco-friendly tanneries, recycled rubbers and non-toxic glues.

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