Monday, August 9, 2010

unexpected love

today started out as any other day. i woke up, brushed my teeth (more like ate half a tube of toothpaste), got dressed, had a bite for breakfast and dropped my big brother off at camp. i was expecting to go back home and do some painting, but the day took an unexpected turn and before i can figure out what was happening i found myself in a building full of cars getting pulled out of my car seat. some man came buy, took the car and left us to wait. forever it seemed. the only bright side - there was a pretty exciting playroom for waiting babies just like me. i was expecting to go through the doors and find other babies playing inside, but it wasn't so! not a baby in sight. so i tried to entertain myself. i walked around different play stations. i picked up every toy. i pressed every button. i pushed all the little wooden trains around the track. but then boredom set in. and just when i was about to dig into mommy's purse and pull out the iphone, the glass door swung opened and a baby appeared inside. he was a soo cute. sooooo dreamy.

i was overwhelmed by excitement. i ran up to him. i started to jump. i said something but i don't think he understood this baby's loving words. he was a bit bigger than me, a couple years at least. but his name was sasha as well. i couldn't believe it. this was obviously not a coincidence. we were meant to meet each other in this playroom. he wasn't as vocal as me. but he did look over and smile a lot. he even let me follow him around the play stations and even took the train pieces from my hands. and then, just as unexpectedly as he walked into my life, he walked out. he did swing on the handlebar on his way out - a final display of his boyish charm! i was sad. really sad. "baby don't go," i exclaimed over and over.

thankfully i didn't have to wait in that playroom much longer. the man that took the car came in and said the car was ready. so i picked up my handbag, put it on my arm, and made my way toward the parking lot. but just as i was about to walk through the front door, i turned my head and saw him sitting there. i stopped and pointed. i wanted to run in his direction but my mommy pulled me toward her and told me to go. "bye, bye baby, muah, muah, muah," i yelled to him as i puckered my lips. he smiled and waived. soon i was strapped in my car seat on my way home missing sasha and dreaming about the day we meet again on a hot summer morning in the dealership's playroom.

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