Thursday, September 30, 2010

birthday loot

you know how my birthday presents were missing? well i finally found them. they were in mommy's car for some odd reason. i couldn't wait to see what all the shinny beautifully wrapped boxed had inside. so i put all of my presents on the floor and plopped myself down right in the center. ooh, this pretty pink bag caught my eye first. i grabbed it and i tossed the paper out. i dug my hand inside and pulled out a baby doll that looked just like mommy's favorite doll, Emma. i picked her up and squeezed her tight. a brand new baby! i got up from the floor and took her straight to my crib and laid her down for a nap. she looked quite tired! then i ran back and repositioned myself in the center of the presents once more. another box, another present. and on, and on, and on, and on. i found really cute clothes inside some bags and plush toys in some others. i even got a new teddy bear to cuddle with when i sleep. i haven't named him yet but i am leaning towards calling him Misha #2.

i opened all the presents, except one. i have to tell you that i even got tired a little. and at one point a bit overwhelmed as well. but mommy pushed the last bag toward me. so i pulled the tissue paper out and dug my hand deep inside the bag once more. and there i found a bright striped case which held a book inside it. i didn't know there was a book. i mean, it's not like i could see it. but mommy opened the striped case and pulled the book right out. she let me glance at it and then abruptly pulled it toward her and began flipping through the colorful pages inside. her face lit up and her smile grew wider as the pages turned. i wondered what was inside that made this book so special? maybe some pretty pictures? a funny tale perhaps? but then she looked at me and said, "this book is made just for you! it's all about you, you see!" she sat me on her lap and read the book out loud. although i didn't understand it all, mommy's excitement was contagious. i too began to smile. i even clapped my hands. the book was beautiful though. the pictures were so bright and magical. it was about fairies searching for their princess. and at the end you know what it said? it said that they chose ME as their special girl! i was the princess of all the fairies! i don't mean to be biased, but i think this book may have been my favorite present of all. and you know what? you can get a special story written just for you. you too can be the princess of all the fairies. and for the boys, there are special books for them too. probably not as pink though.

p.s. thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate my birthday with me! and thank you for your generous presents. i love them all!

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