Wednesday, September 8, 2010

birthday song

i have had this post in mind since the long weekend but i still cannot find the featured item i need to compose it. i am afraid though that if i wait any longer, my toddler memory will fade and the fun-filled weekend will be lost forever. so here it goes.

as some of you remember, sunday was my daddy's birthday. he didn't want to have a huge affair so we had a little get together at grandma's. he was a little crabby though. i am really not sure why or how anyone can be in such a state on their birthday? i mean there was chocolate cake and red balloons! i didn't end up making any special masterpieces (i am out of paint). but Nini and i did wake up extra early to surprise him with millions of hugs and kisses. and then Nini had an artistic epiphany - he decided to compose a birthday song just for daddy. so with a very serious look on his face, he took a pad of paper off the kitchen table, a pen, and walked towards the bathroom. he then locked himself in. he asked to be left alone to concentrate so his creative vision can flourish. and so we waited for Nini to come out with his song. what seemed like hours, passed. once in a while we would hear a squeaky voice trying to belt out a tune. and then he finally appeared with a page full of words in his hands. i grabed at it to see, but he pulled his hand back right before i could snatch it. he folded it in half and said the performance would be later on at the party.

a few unexpected guests showed up at grandmas. which made Nini really excited. more people meant a bigger audience and a chance to sell tickets. Nini is always thinking about how to make a buck. he is very entrepreneurial! so he cut up some paper and made tickets which he sold at varying prices depending on how much he can get out of each attendant. i think he even made daddy buy a ticket as well. after we ate - the concert began. Nini sat down on daddy's lap and with his script in hand, began to sing his original song. so much feeling, he even closed his eyes at times. it was just beautiful. mommy teared up and daddy too. everyone clapped and Nini was really happy. i kept the piece of paper with the lyrics just so i can post them here but they mysteriously vanished. i wish i can tell you how the song went but i can't recall it in its entirety. it was a whole paragraph of words after all. i do remember the beginning and the end which went something like this - "happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you!" i just hope that when i grow up i will have half as much talent as Nini!

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