Thursday, September 16, 2010

oral hygiene cont.

i had a feeling that my brushing fun would end quite quickly but i didn't think it would this soon. today, i decided to skip the brushing process all together and wash my feet right of the bat instead. but right when i put my second foot in the sink, mommy discovered me. i didn't even have a chance to splash around. she yanked me off the vanity. she scolded me and shut the bathroom door. i threw a little fit. to no avail. i moped around a bit. and then i realized i didn't even get to brush my teeth. i went to mommy, pulled her towards the bathroom door and tried to tell her that i want to brush my teeth. i even put my finger in my mouth and moved it back and forth just to be clear. she obviously didn't understand what i was saying because she turned me back around toward my room and in a stern tone exclaimed, "oh NO!"

so once again i waited. and when no one was looking, i ran up to the bathroom door. i pulled the knob and used my foot to push the door wide open. i sneaked right in. i closed the door behind me. i found my brush inside one of the drawers and swiped my tube of toothpaste off the counter. i squeezed some paste onto the brush. some of it went right in my mouth. yummy! but then i quickly realized something was missing. the water! i tried to climb on to the counter. no success. i tried to reach the faucet standing on my tippi toes. not even close. and then just as i was willing to give up, i had a brilliant idea! the toilet! there's more than enough water in the toilet. what a solution! so i lifted the toilet seat right up and dipped my toothbrush in the bowl of water. i swished it all around for a bit. i brought it towards my mouth and was about to brush, when i was yet again discovered, pulled from the bathroom and scolded once gain. why? i don't really understand. all that i know is that my teeth are still quite dirty and for some reason no one in this house will let this baby live! argh!

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