Wednesday, September 15, 2010

oral hygiene

i might not have mastered the potty just yet, but i have been brushing my teeth all by myself for months! i go into the bathroom drawers on my own and find my little tube of yummy toothpaste. i locate my toothbrush and with both items in hand, i look for someone to lift me up and place me on top of the vanity. usually mommy does it but at times Nini tries. those trips up to the vanity, however, are usually quite shaky and often end with me covered in bruises. but he tries!

i wait until no one is looking and then i twist the cap and squeeze the paste right in my mouth. yummy! sometimes nothing comes out so i bend the tube in half and squeeze again but even harder. this tactic always works and toothpaste comes right out. once in a while when someone peeks in to check my progress, i take the brush into my hand, place it in my mouth and quickly move it back and forth. and when i am once again alone, i turn the faucet on bull blast and try to catch the water with my brush. i suck the water off of the toothbrush and go back for more. and more and more until someone discovers me, yanks me of the vanity and scolds me for making a big wet mess.

lately however, brushing my teeth had become a total bore. so i found a new way to entertain myself during the process. after i hurry thought the usual routine, i put my feet into the sink and splash the water all around. i give my feet a bath, i mean!

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