Friday, September 24, 2010

you snooze, you lose! the aftermath

well it didn't go so well. skipping my nap i mean. i did all that i could per my grand plan to stay awake and join the party, but it didn't work. i talked really loud for some time, i even sang a little. all in hopes of convincing mommy that i did not require a nap. a couple of times she opened the door, peeked in, told me that it's nap time (as if i did not know), and closed the door right back again. she didn't seem happy about having to come in and check on me over and over. i think she couldn't wait for me to fall asleep to start the party! i was not going to let all those great things happen without me. no, no. so i talked louder, called mommy's name a few thousand times in different intonations. you just can never know which tone will work. and then i began to cry. still no one came to get me. i began to scream. the door still remained closed shut. so i decided to take a different route all together. i stopped making all the noise and laid there still twirling my blanket in between my fingers and playing quietly with my fluffy bear. some time went by. i stayed awake and waited. long enough for mommy to think that i actually fell asleep. i listened close to any signs of fun happening in the house without me. but i heard nothing. boredom set in. i thought of sleeping. my eyes grew tired of being open for so long. i even yawned a bit. but i was not going to let my tired body control me! i wasn't going to sleep!

so i jumped up and screamed out loud for all the world to hear, "mama, no sleep! no sleep!" i shook my head from side to side as if some one was looking. guess what? it worked. mommy ran in, said something about this being the shortest nap ever, and put me on the floor. aha - my brief period of silence tricked her into thinking that i fell asleep. success!

as soon as my feet hit the floor, i ran into the living room. i knew i was going to find something great. i looked around, everything was still. where did everyone go? i ran into mom's bedroom to check there. nothing as well. was there no party? or did everyone leave before mommy came in and got me. i wasn't sure. all i knew, mommy didn't seem very happy and i must of missed all of the fun. again!

the day went by. Nini came home from school. he made a tank out of a huge cardboard box. i helped him decorate by squeezing the glue all around. Nini's friend Sammy even stopped by to play. everything was going great. that is until dinner time rolled around. i suddenly began to feel a little tired and the boys started to be mean and quite annoying. they wouldn't let me drive the tank! i tried to climb in there and take it for a ride, but they pulled me right out. they said that only boys can drive it. that irritated me a lot! so i began to scream. and scream. and scream some more. mommy came in and tried to console me. i saw her mouth moving but i wasn't listening at all. i kept on crying and yelling instead. she gave me my nuki hoping that it will calm me down. it usually does, but this time even my nuki couldn't help. i took it out of my mouth and tossed it straight across the room with all my might. tears rolled down my cheeks. the salty stuff ran from my nose right into my open mouth. i think i even choked a little. my body then collapsed onto the floor. my feet began to pound the carpet. and all that i could get out of my mouth is, "i wanni! my! i wanni! my!" and on an on until i couldn't scream much longer. i grew so tired that i fell asleep right on the floor. and you know what? i bet i missed another party!

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