Friday, October 29, 2010

blabla halloween

everyone loves BlaBla Kids! everywhere i look, i see another baby holding on to a doll from BlaBla. how can you not love them? the dolls are super soft, super cute, and super cuddly. i get really excited when i see them in the store. i have to pick up every doll i see and carry it around. last time i was at the Land of Nod, i actually threw a pretty substantial fit all because i had to give back the little orange girl doll that i was gripping in my hands so tightly. it took hours for me to get over the fact that i couldn't take her home. just devastating i tell you. being a needy little girl that is. but oh well. she had to go back to her bin. but i am sure if i saw one of these awesome halloween dolls, i would hold on so so tight that no one would be able to pry them from my hands.

images © blabla kids

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