Monday, October 11, 2010

"whatcha talkin' bout, Sasha?"

lately i feel like i have a lot more things that i want to say to everyone around me. and even though my vocabulary is still a bit underdeveloped, there are many new words in this two-year old's lexicon. i understand all of them and use them quite wisely and appropriately. so why the people around me make funny confused faces when i talk is perplexing. i am even finally able to make the hard "k" sound. a sound that i have been trying to master for over a year now. well, maybe not a year but definitely since i first saw Mickey on my tv and realized that my big brother's name was Nicky. until recently, no matter how hard i tried to say Nicky or Mickey all that came out of my mouth was Nini and Minni. you would think that Nicky would be happy now that i can finally call him by his real name. but he is not! he says he likes it when i call him Nini instead. argh!

and for all those people with funny confused looks (specially grandpa and uncle Yev) that don't seem to grasp what i am saying, i am posting this list. on it you will find a number of vocabulary words that i tend to say on a daily basis with their common translations. maybe with the help of this list, people will finally quit saying, "matches are not toys for kids," when i ask for some milk!

tchuties = cookies
mach = milk
hummee = help me
peese = please
iwanni = i want
baby ahah = the baby is crying
peesees = pieces
boby = Toby dog
puper = paper
wannisee = i want to see
baseeball = basketball
affee = coffee
pancket = blanket
misha = bear
duppa = diaper
awa = dog
tar = star
annee = honey
umis = hummus
up = cup
char = car
ecket = jacket

this is all the words that i can think of that may, for some odd reason, be misunderstood. and all the other words i say - are simply too clear and do not deserve to be added to this list of translations!

am i the only one who says things funny? or do you have your own way of expressing yourself that many others don't quite understand? if so - share your vocab list with me. i would love to hear your personal twist on the common english language.


  1. sasha - u are not alone! a translator would be very helpful for me and my twin sister. my sister izzy cannot say "m" and her dollie is a monkey so she is constantly saying "onkey" and for whatever reason, people pretend not to understand her. luckily we can pronounce the important things like cookies, ice pops, lolli pops and more dora. other commonly misunderstood words:

    "wok" = rock
    "paydows" = playdough
    "meals" = oatmeal
    "iceceems" = ice cream
    "sings" = swings
    "sides" = slides
    "twee" = tree

  2. oh and btw, "dip" is an umbrella term for ketchup, hummus, peanut or almond butter as well as guacamole

  3. the monkey is a good one that i forgot to include on the list. i say "money"! thanks for sharing!