Tuesday, November 23, 2010

all i want for christmas is ...

i know that some of you will think that i may be a bit too young for this awesome toy i recently discovered - but i simply do not care if i am not the targeted consumer. all i want for christmas is my own iPhone! have you seen this thing? so many features. so many icons to push. and each one opens a new world of changing images and pictures and videos and songs. i think i have finally found that one thing that has been missing from my life for the last couple of years.

i used to like to play with grandma's phone. i thought the noise the buttons made were fun and exciting. but after experiencing the features on the iPhone - i simply cannot go back to playing with a regular phone. nope! not even grandma's Blackberry compares. every time i get that iPhone in my hands and cannot let it go. mommy and daddy try to take it away from me but they rarely succeed. i usually grip on so tight - they just cannot pry it from my hands. "it's my iPhone!!!" i scream and run away with it where no one can find me. daddy even tried to trick me and lock the iPhone. i wonder if he thought that turning it off would really work? come on now daddy! i am two now and quite technologically savvy if i say so myself. i simply swoosh my little finger from the left side of the screen all the way to the right (as the moving arrow prompts me) and voila! the iPhone is all mine, unlocked and ready for me to enjoy!


  1. :) My son loves phones, too, I guess it's a phase :)

  2. Sophia too!!! She loves to browse to you tube, games, see what pictures I have and film...ha,ha,ha. When I want I moment, special when she cries, it's the best toy to stop...

  3. Yuna moves my phone's widget around with her fingers, of course by an accident! my phone always have her drool all over.