Sunday, November 7, 2010

hot and cold

i adore Nini and all but lately he has been making it really hard for me to love him. he always takes stuff away from me and doesn't let me play with things that i want to play with. and yesterday when we were in the car together, stuck in traffic, he yelled at me and hit me. and then he turned to me and told me that he hates me and that he doesn't even want to be my brother anymore. that's pretty harsh don't you all think? and all i did was snatch a paper crane right from his hands. the paper crane he spend an hour making with my uncle. i squished it in my palms with all my might and then when he tried to pull the crane away, i grabbed on even harder. he pulled. i pulled. and we tore the crane to pieces. i know it's sad and all but what was i to do? he wouldn't let me see it when i asked him nicely. and then he kept on waving it around right in front of my face. teasing me instead of letting me see it for a minute. that will teach him! i don't know how other baby sisters behave? maybe some others let their big brothers push them around? not me! i am not about to let some 8 year-old tease me and tell me what i can and cannot do. still it kind of hurt my feelings there for a minute. the "i hate you" statement i mean. i don't hate him! although Nini has done so many mean things to me. i may be mad from time to time but i still lay by his side and hug him and tell him, "i vove you Nini" over and over. i hope he doesn't really feel that way and still decides to be my brother after all.


  1. Awwww... Nini loves you too for sure! All men are the same even they're old enough to say it. :D

  2. Don't worry Nini loves you I am sure.