Friday, November 12, 2010

the magic words

i have recently developed a new strategy to deal with those who tell me to stop doing something that i really love doing, i.e. playing with the water in the kitchen sink, or tell me to do something i don't really want to do. i just turn to the person who is attempting to discipline me (usually mommy), look them straight in the eye, smile and put my little index finger to my lips. i pucker up and say "shhhhh, shhhhh, stop it, stop it." and then i throw in an "i vove you." works like a charm! sometimes a given situation may require me to repeat these magic words a few times over and over before i am finally left alone to continue on with mischievous ways. but, it really really works. by the time the words "i vove you" roll off my tongue, mommy and daddy are so smitten with my cuteness that they totally forget that they were trying to discipline me in the first place. i highly recommend that you adopt a similar approach!

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