Monday, November 15, 2010

up in smoke

i am sure some of you have noticed that my blog hasn't been updated for a couple of days. i wish i could say it's because my family went out of town for a couple of days on a tropical getaway and i was sitting beachside sipping my apple juice and playing in the sand but i wasn't. unfortunately my diary has been neglected for a couple of days because of a family tragedy.

this weekend, i was visiting my grandparents. we had a family dinner and a couple of family friends were in attendance. i ate my food. i chatted for a while. then Nini and i ran to my grandma's room to watch an episode of Mickey's clubhouse. i don't know what happened in the meantime but the next thing i knew mommy yelled for Nini and me to get out of the room. we ran out, mommy grabbed me in her arms and pushed Nini toward the front door. i didn't even have time to put on my coat. Nini went barefoot. we made it out of the house. grandma and grandpa followed. Toby was already outside with our dinner guests. i was so confused with all the commotion. i looked back toward the house and saw the entire garage engulfed in flames. grandpa's new car was inside. the fire trucks came. the police arrived and so did many other people from all around. it was freezing outside. i am not sure what happened next. all that i know is that i spent the next few hours in some van with Tobi, Nini and a family friend trying to keep warm. it seemed like we were in that van forever. and you know something? i didn't even go potty in my pants. i waited like a good little girl until mommy came in and checked on me to tell her that i had to go. she took me to a neighbor's house to pee-pee on the potty. and i did! long story short, most of my grandma's house burned down and now grandma and Toby are living me me. i love having them around! and the good news is, most of my grandma's couture was spared. but unfortunately my doll collection, well my future doll collection, that i once told you about, perished! i am sad about it of course but it's just dolls and it's the perfect time to start a new one!

i hope you understand the lack of updates for a little while. i hope to have exciting and fashionable posts up on the blog real soon. and don't forget to enter the chandelier giveaway that closes tonight at midnight! it's a beauty!


  1. Oh my! what happened? I am so glad that everyone is safe.

  2. no one really knows but they think it may have been spontaneous combustion. can you believe it? i can hardly pronounce such words let alone begin to understand their meaning!