Wednesday, November 3, 2010

villains, tricks & treats

i know my mommy thought i was just being stubborn when i said there was no way that i was going to put on that irritating mask she made me. but i was serious. i think she was secretly hoping that i would warm up to being a masked kitty. specially if i saw everyone else all dressed up. but i didn't. as soon as someone would try to pull the mask over my head, i would pull it of. i do feel a little bad that i didn't want to wear it. mommy worked so hard on creating but. but oh well. she really should have thought about it a little longer before concluding that a 2-year-old would wear a tight and uncomfortable head mask. even if it is halloween!

other than the costume fiasco, halloween was a blast! i went to a party where all these other babies were dressed up as well. there was a little cheerleader and lots of vampires. i painted some ghosts. i ate some pizza and monster cupcakes. then i waited for Nini to get back from trick-or-treating. i didn't really know what trick-or-treating was all about. but when Nini came back i understood completely. it's all about chocolate! and lots of it! have you ever had this amazing stuff? i had it once i think. a long time ago. i think i was a year old. oh yes, i remember now. grandma gave a piece of this heavenly stuff just to see if i liked it. she laughed at me as i made a big chocolate mess and bit my little finger while trying to get the last drop of goodness in my mouth. i wanted more so bad. no one would give me any. this time, i didn't have to rely on others to get my chocolate fix. i just reached into Nini's treat bag and grabbed a handful of Hershey's bars. then i ran to a faraway corner were no one could see me, ripped open the wrappers and devoured piece after piece. it was the best holiday ever. i can't wait for next year! and maybe next halloween i will reconsider wearing a mask. maybe! here are some pics of my uncle, Nini and me in our costumes. if you don't blink, you may even see a glimmer of a masked kitty.

DYI villain costumes from thrift store finds