Monday, December 20, 2010

early arrival

Santa is REAL! and sometimes he comes earlier than you expect. and you know how i know? Santa brought my NUKI back!!!!! he probably read my withdrawal post or heard my cries about my lost beloved nuki. the one with the pink kitty on it. i have been moping around for weeks asking everyone if they know where it is or where it went. well maybe it hadn't been that long since my nuki mysteriously disappeared but it sure felt like it. not one person in this family seemed to care. i was beginning to think that maybe Nini took it for himself. i've noticed him eyeing it on prior occasions. i pictured him laying in his bed sucking on my precious nuki while i lay nearby crying myself to sleep. and just as i was about to accept the fact that i would have to go through life without my nuki, i found it! Santa came and brought it back to me. he even hid it really really good in the crack of our living room couch. if Nini and i weren't making forts out of the couch cushions, we might not have ever discovered it.

i couldn't believe my eyes!!!!! there it was. i screamed with excitement, "sosa, sosa, my sosa, i see you sosa!" sosa means nuki in russian in case your wondering. i grabbed it in my hand and stuck it in my mouth. it tasted so good. even with all the fuzzy couch lint. and ever since then, my nuki hasn't left my side. i mean my mouth. when i am forced to take it out, like when i eat, i make sure to keep it within arm's reach. i am keeping a close eye on Nini too. i am still not entirely convinced that he didn't play a role in my nuki's disappearance after all. oh well. i guess i will never know for sure.

thanks Santa for the best Christmas present ever! oh and i hope this early visit doesn't mean you're not coming back on Christmas eve with the rest of my presents?

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