Saturday, December 18, 2010

run grandma, run!

i think i might have forgotten to mention this, but my great grandma came all the way from Ukraine to visit. i have never seen her before and although she seems nice enough, i am really not that receptive. actually, she scares me a little. i don't know what it is? maybe the wrinkly skin or the funny slow walk she has. maybe both. but every time i see her, my reaction is to move a few steps back and say "bolyno, bolyno" which basically translates to "it hurts, it hurts." judging from her reaction, i think she understands what i am trying to say quite clearly. and yesterday, mommy decided to do something really spiteful and leave Nini and i alone with Baba Lida. alone!!! apparently mommy had to make an emergency run to the store. i was about to start crying but then there was a knock on the door. mommy opened the door and in the doorway stood Sammy. Sammy is Nini's best friend and mine too of course. Sammy said he can play so we all ran towards our room. i was so excited i forgot that mommy was leaving.

all went well for a couple of minutes or so until the boys decided to wage war. they took out Nini's nerf guns and started running around the house shooting at each other, and me, and Baba Lida too. although we were having fun, Baba Lida was not amused whatsoever. all she did was scream at us in Russian. no one really listened. then we ran to mommy's room and collectively jumped on the bed. Baba Lida lost it! she screamed at us to get off. she said that no child with half a brain, or something, would ever jump on a bed where people sleep in street clothes. i don't know. i am always jumping on mommy's bed. she creamed so loud and made such a mean scary face that poor Sammy ran out of the house crying. then Nini started to cry as well because Baba Lida scared off his best friend. and then i realized that mommy wasn't home. i was alone with Baba Lida. so i started to cry and scream as well. i think all of this may have been a little too much to handle for Baba Lida because the phone rang and the next thing i knew, my grandma was knocking on the door and Baba Lida was running out. she left so fast, she didn't even put on her scarf or her extra warm socks on. it's freezing outside! she hasn't been back ever since. i wonder if she will ever return?


  1. sounds like what happens in my house.. no wonder babas don't like to visit :))))))))) LOL